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The amount of patents / technologies has significantly increased in Chile thanks to  R+D entities, but few of them are licenced or bring the creation of new startups or spinoffs to exploit them. This is due to the difficulty to communicate with potential investors, mainly because their language and criteria are different. This makes it even more difficult for new companies to raise capital and continue growing.

Additionally , Chilean startups find it hard to escalate and develop networks. Since the chilean markets is very small, there isn’t a very well developed venture capital industry and there aren’t important technological clusters; and this entrepreneurs need to accelerate their businesses ideally in foreign markets. In this context, the Boston market, has proved to be a good model to follow and to implement in Chile. The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) will play a fundamental role in transferring knowledge and best practices, both within chilean private funds and with early stage entrepreneurs to enable them to take a leap  in terms of business and technical development in which they are based. The access and coordination in a venture capital ecosystem for  biomedicine and renewable energies  startups is key for their development and international projection.

The project development is mainly focused in knowledge transference from international experts, from private funds like Clarus Ventures, Flare Capital, Orbimed, Cycle Capital, Braemar Ventures, Cleantech Energy Venture Group , Omega Funds, Accuitive Medical Ventures, Firelake Capital and Pangaea Ventures, among others, throughmethods, practices and technologies startups evaluation criteria for companies in the industries of biomedicine and renewable energies; for the participant chilean venture funds, inviting the critical mass of at least 12 projects to ensure that early stage startups acknowledge strengths and weaknesses. For this purpose, gatherings among funds will be held, startup evaluation practical workshops, identification analysis and synthesis seminars regarding gaps in the venture capital market in Chile.