Eficienciapp: A web/mobile application that gathers simple information from end-user, measures the energy consumption, estimates potential savings and presents simple solutions to obtain those savings

Entelequia: ClampBit, a product which locks the discharge valves of fuel distribution trucks, with satellite tracking, and can only be opened once a number of customer defined conditions have been met

Bio-additive UFRO: Bio-additive generated from biodiesel to improve heavy fuel oils combustion performance

WILEFKO: Waves engine able to transform thousands of waves impacts in a continuous motion for pumping salt water, compressed air supply and/or generate electricity

Orbital Stream Energy: Competitive product for hydrokinetic generation in artificial canals, achieving LCOE of under 0.04 USD/kWh, untapping a global and unexploited renewable energy resource

Suli Lab: A top quality solar light that adapts to versatile uses in everyday life and that includes users as co-designers

Harvesting Chile: Generate energy harvesting solutions to allow companies to reutilize their waste energy, this way they can reduce operational costs, reduce CO2 emissiones and manage their carbon footprint

Calder EcoPanel: Ecopanel, solar thermo collector system based on flexible polymer materials, can withstand freezing and operate with moderate temperatures

Hecker DC+AC: Technological innovation that consists in superimposing an alternate current signal (AC) to the direct current (DC) off-set in the operation of eletrolysis cells


PolyNatural: Natural, organic and edible coating that extends the shelf life of fruits, reduces the microbial load, retards the dehydration process and improves taste and visual appearance

GeneproDX: ThyroidPrint® is an accessible diagnostic solution that will accurately identify benign cases avoiding unnecessary thyroid surgery in a cost effective manner

Vitrisperm: A new highly effective technology that maintains aseptic cryopreservation sperm function and survival of human sperm on a 80%, protecting their genetic material and also eliminating the microbial load

Kaitek Labs: Exhaled NO measuring device that can indicate by a simple color change whether or not the patient is at risk of having an asthma attack

Morpheeo: Ultra-sensitive biosensors to identify biomarkers in saliva. These biosensors collect data about a person’s health, send this data to the cloud where it is analysed with machine learning algorithms

Nat-Bio: Using 3D printing with our innovation of BIOINK-NB in combination with cells, we are able to use 3D printing to fabricate simple tissues such as bioactive ear cartilage, blood vessels and aiming to organs such as a kidney

Stellium: Fit-Cell Device thats allows cell therapy to achieve their medical goals and become a key player of the future medicine

Xplant: A novel device for the non-invasive removal of failed and osseo-integrated titanium dental implants

BioMicroMed: Alginate microspheres characterized by uniform and controlled size, specific properties and controlled drug reléase

Ingalfarma: Dentoxol is a unique product on the market, with technical qualities and effectiveness, allows to solve the problem of Oral Mucositis throughout all its evolution

Safehis: Safehis is an intelligent decision-support clinical system that reduces medication-related and other preventable clinical adverse events by more than 90%.

TOR: Patented device that can successfully dry, separate tissue to increase visibility, and protect the patient from damage done by dental equipment

TrainFES: Medical devices to improve the life quality of patients with paralysis

Daeki: The solution consists in replacing blood exams with saliva exams by developing methods to measure multiple indicators with a single device

Oncobiomed Advanced Cell Technology: Biotechnology company focused on developing, marketing, transfering and licensing technology associated with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cáncer

Pregnostic: Oral biomarkers to predict gestational diabetes early in pregnancy

Medical Innovation: TAOTE, a novel handheld and very easy to use ultrasound device, that is inexpensive and energy-efficient, designed for non-specialists for use in primary care and emergency medicine

Green Biofactory: A low cost platform to produce any type of recombinant proteins based on microalgaes

SymbiOx: Photosynthetic scaffold technology (SymbiO-Derm) that provides physicians with next-generation tools for the treatment, unctional restoration, and healing of damaged or diseased tissues

Neuro Innovation: Blood biomarker Alz-tau® for early diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease



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